Alchemilla Cooperativa Sociale, designs creative and innovative solutions that meet children, young people and women’s needs and promote gender equality by designing inclusive and participatory tools including a digital platform, workshops, apps and a series of books that encourage participation and self-expression.


Alchemilla is a female-led non-profit social cooperative, funded in 2015, specializing in the intersection of youth, gender and new technologies to implement social innovation projects aimed at the empowerment of children, youth and women. 


In particular, Alchemilla designs and coordinates project activities to enhance children’s and young people’s wellness in participatory processes through the use of arts and digital devices. Alchemilla also plans and delivers formal and non-formal learning activities to contribute to the development of effective empowerment programs for children and young people with particular attention to gender. 

Since it was founded, Alchemilla has worked with and advised the Cariplo Foundation, the Municipality of Milan  and the Catholic University of Milan while continuing to gain national and European recognitions including: 


2017: Alchemilla is selected in the IC - Cultural Innovation program of Fondazione  Cariplo: the project Artoo - Art as told by children  is among the best 10 innovative ideas at national level.

2018: The Artoo project, considered Best Practice at national level by the Assimoco 

2017 survey, is selected by Compagnia San Paolo within the Open Lab Call for "Audience Development" in the digital field.

2019: Alchemilla is selected for the EU Funded project Ed.G.E. - Educating girls and boys for Gender Equality  that aims to contribute to the prevention and combating of GBV, by raising awareness to children and young people on gender equality through cultural activities and tools, including art-based digital tools 

2021: Wins the Innovamusei project, accessing the funding round of Fondazione Social Venture Giordano Dell’Amore . It is also selected for the European project MuseumAR, designing and developing AR experiences to support new generation’s participation

2022: Alchemilla and Artoo are selected by SheTech Founders  as one of the 10 best female technology companies of excellence in Italy.

2023: Alchemilla holds the scientific coordination of the EU Funded project “TIGRI – new tools to give voice and empower young women” which seeks to implement an innovative approach fostering gender equality through creative arts and selfnarration 


Alchemilla’s cutting-edge digital and art-based tools have proven substantial potential for the empowerment of women, girls and new generation. Alchemilla, therefore, joins efforts to promote gender equality while creating links and synergies between women's groups, children and young people, cultural institutions, but also socially responsible companies.