Alchemilla presents the work carried out to bring New Generation closer to local museums thanks to the project "Museum-AR: enhancing museum visitors' experiences through the use of AR and VR technologies" Realised with an ERASMUS+ contribution and with the precious collaboration of the Museo Internazionale della Calzatura and the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo 

Vigevano 05.12.2022 - The "New Generations at the Museum" meeting was held today at the Auditorium San Dionigi to illustrate the work developed by Alchemilla, an innovative startup with a social vocation and a research laboratory specialized in pedagogical topics, to bring children, girls, and boys closer to local museums.

The project saw the collaboration of the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo di Vigevano (MTD) and the Museo Internazionale della Calzatura (MIC), which have designed a nice new way to bring the new generations closer to culture: an interactive exploration of the secrets hidden in the collection's Tapestries. The workshop proposes a model that combines the physical with the digital (physical + digital) designed specifically for boys and girls, who will be invited to experiment not only as users of cultural content but also authors of it. Through the mobile app (iOS and Android) and the imaginary narration by Bishop Caramuel (MTD) and Beatrice d'Este (MIC), an innovative discovery experience dedicated to boys and girls visiting the Museum has been generated. 

The "MuseumAR" project aims to increase museums' competence in creating innovative paths of participation and museum fruition for the younger generations, promoting museums as places of culture to be discovered thanks to the use of digital technologies. "MuseumAR" combines art, play and digital in a synergy between museums, families and schools that promotes the social role of the new generations and brings them closer to museum institutions in an active and participative way.